Mail Art

In 2009, I became an active mail artist. In some cases, I send artwork in response to a call for entries to organizations that display the received mail art in a gallery, school library, or a similar place, or I exchange pieces with individual mail artists.

For some mail art calls, the entries are posted on the web. Here's a selected list of websites and blogs that feature current online mail art exhibitions. These calls are open to all mail artists.

Parental Advisory: some of this mail art features adult-oriented content. I recommend that you preview each gallery before allowing your children to visit.

The Arnolfini Archives' international e-mail art project
The curator provides a simple image to use as a base, which you can download and modify to submit for the current themed exhibition.

Artisticamente una partitura / An artistic musical score (deadline: June 30, 2014)
Download a piece of antique music paper and make a score using any technique, including drawing, painting, and collage.

Bottles - mailart
Submit two pieces featuring bottles. One will be sent to another mail artist, and the second will be exhibited at the Museo de Arte Cañadense in Argentina.

Building the future: celebrating the 40th anniversary of the April Revolution in Portugal (April 25, 1974)
Send a postcard to participate in a series of exhibitions that are being planned in several locations around the country during 2014.

El circulo / The circle
Send two works on paper or cardboard. Draw a circle (radius: 7 cm) and put anything inside: a collage, a drawing, a mandala, etc.

CorresponDANCE of artful exchanges
Send Dame Mailarta a message.

Dame's portrait gallery
Send a signed self portrait or whatever your artistic impression of yourself might be. The size, format, and nature of the work is up to you.

Size and medium are free, so let's enjoy a game!

eN mi ViDa las FloReS / Flowers in my life
(No actual flowers, just the mail art kind!)

Future Istanbul
Send in your vision of what this historical city would look like in 10, 20 or 100 years’ time.

I love street art
For a traveling art show: Paris, Loriet, Brest ....

Mailmania 5 (deadline: September 4, 2014)
The Mailmania series continues!

monochrome semitone kodachrome (deadline: June 1, 2014)
Send mail art for an art exhibition and concert in England.

Reinvention (deadline: June 1, 2014)
"Two years ago I moved from London, England to live in Nashville, Tennesee, USA inspiring my theme ..."

Tiny art exchange
Very small artworks, including tiny books. Contact Josh Ronsen if you would like to participate.

Vache folle / Crazy cow
A crazy cow gallery, suitable for young children.

Weird existing animals
Which animal do you think is odd or strange?

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